A little about your instructor notes

In the 1980's I graduated from an Ivy League school and went to work as an investment banker. I loved my work, but my career plans took an abrupt turn when my husband and I welcomed our first baby into the world. We were smitten by this little creature and decided to go all-in on family life. As in ten kids. Then, to top it all off, we decided to homeschool them all.

Thirty-three years later I'm still homeschooling my tenth child: a fourteen-year-old about to begin high school. I've taught all the kids K-12, and they've all succeeded at selective colleges. Some were very bright, others struggled with learning challenges. But homeschooling provided the flexibility I needed to meet each child where he was and build his skills and confidence.

Homeschooling also gave me the chance to get to know my kids on a deep level--to understand their strengths and fears and dreams. I'm not sure I could have had such deep relationships without the time together homeschooling afforded.

Having more time with my kids at home also permitted us to create a family culture--jokes, traditions, sports tournaments, music jams, debates--things peculiar to our own family. As nine of my kids are adults now, I appreciate how grounding it was for them to have shared a strong family culture with their siblings.

People often ask what my adult children do in the world: Three are still in college, one is a homeschooling mom, another runs communications for a large not-for-profit, one is a successful salesman, one started a thriving high-tech business, one is an analyst for a Fortune 500 company, another owns a video production company.

They're each really unique--some are artists, others are math nerds. They all enjoy reading and engaging in spirited debate. They love to spend time together-- most of them gather for dinner every Friday night. I think you'd like them.

But this course is about creating a homeschool that's unique to your family. The steps I'll show you, and the ideas I'll share will get you on the path to serving your own strong, happy family.

[An aside]

I recently joined a panel discussion that featured a Pulitzer Prize winner, a Nobel laureate, a US Ambassador and an NFL pro-bowler. My expertise? Family life and homeschooling. Take a look if you like.

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